Supplier management for foodservice

Ledgerset simplifies the supplier management process, helping you to work more collaboratively with your suppliers to drive go-to-market efficiencies.

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Ledgerset for Foodservice

Ledgerset is a turn-key, no-code supplier management platform that supports foodservice industry best practices.

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Onboard new suppliers

Create an onboarding journey for your suppliers, ensuring that you always have all the information that you need to begin buying.

Better master data management

A single source of truth for all supplier, product, contact, and location data. Enable your suppliers to contribute towards keeping it up-to-date.

Centralize supplier communications

One place to see all communications with a supplier; if there is a change of staff on either side of the relationship, the conversation can pick up right where it left off.

Automate supplier management processes

Cut down the time spent on administrative processes with intelligent and configurable workflows and approvals.

Foster supplier collaboration

Invite your suppliers to share products with you that they feel you might be interested in.