Supplier collaboration, made simple

Collaborate with suppliers in real time, and use Ledgerset's powerful workflow tools to digitize and automate your existing business processes.

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The old way

Managing trading relationships is costly

Outdated Tools

Buyers and sellers use many tools to do their jobs, but most of those tools are internally developed systems and they’re often not collaborative.

Lack of Security

There is no way to know where the information shared via email and Excel between trading partners ultimately ends up, or who sees it.

Dirty Data

Every buying organization has different data requirements, formats, and systems, which causes the quality and completeness of the data as a whole to suffer.


Sharing information between trading partners is error-prone, creating unnecessary back-and-forth communications and an overall administrative burden.

The New way

Supplier collaboration, made simple


Sourcing, without all of the legwork


Powerful search capabilities help you uncover new suppliers. Filter by product categories, locations, revenue, and more.


Discover new and trending products, and quickly get the conversation started with suppliers.

Contacts, locations, and more

Always have the most up to date contact and location data available for every supplier.


Connect with existing and potential suppliers to learn more about their business or products

Buyers request

Initiate a connection request if you’re interested in learning more about a supplier’s products or if you’d like to set them up as a supplier to your organization.

Suppliers accept

Once a connection is established, you can message with the supplier, share requests for information, and view additional information about the company and their products.


Supercharge your buyers with workflows

Digitize business processes

Use the powerful workflow builder to digitize all types of business processes, from supplier onboarding to new item setup.

Collaborate with suppliers

Make workflows available to all of your buyers to use, making supplier collaboration scalable and repeatable.

Make workflows interactive

Dynamic triggers in workflows can fire webhooks, send notifications, make decisions based on the information provided, and more.

Request information

Get the information that you need, when you need it most

Streamline your onboarding process

If you’d like to onboard a supplier, simply share an onboarding task which the supplier can complete digitally.

Any company or product information

Whether it be a standard, periodic, or random request for information, simply share a workflow with a supplier which will collect all of the information that you need.

Minimize repeat requests for information

As suppliers manage the information in their profile or about their products, you’ll be updated on those changes automatically.

Communicate with suppliers

Say goodbye to never-ending email threads

Instant communications

Once you've connected with a supplier, you'll be able to use the conversations feature to communicate in real-time.

Everything in one place

Without having to leave the conversation, suppliers can respond to any request for information that you share.

Never miss a thing

If you're offline when a supplier responds to a message or task, email notifications and daily summaries will ensure that you don't miss anything while you're away.

Scale your interactions

Collaborate with thousands of suppliers in seconds

Collect information en masse

Deliver a campaign to any number of suppliers in seconds, whether it be a one-off request, or scheduled.

Build your own audiences

Build your own supplier lists with flexible search criteria, ensuring you’re collecting all of the right information from all of the right suppliers.

Track your progress

View campaign progress by supplier. When a supplier falls behind, automatic reminders will nudge them to completeness.

Get sign off

Incorporate legally binding eSignatures into your supplier collaboration processes

Create and manage document templates

Templates allow you to standardize documents and agreements, so it becomes effortless to collect signatures from suppliers.

Add templates to your workflows

Templates can be inserted in automated workflows and in campaigns, enabling your buyers to maximize their efficiency.

Store agreements centrally and securely

Signed documents are searchable and stored in one place, so no time is wasted searching through email history and file folders.

Use Cases

Here are just some of the ways retailers leverage Ledgerset's powerful collaboration and workflow tools

New Supplier Onboarding

Automation of Line Reviews

Periodic Information Requests

Supplier Master Maintenance

Contract Negotiation & Agreements

Sourcing & Product Discovery

Real Time Communications

EDI Setup Automation

Automation of Business Processes

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