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Build your profile

Showcase your company and your products

Company Information

Keep buyers updated with changes to company information by keeping your profile up to date.

Product Information

Build a catalog of products that buyers can discover. You can build your catalog within Ledgerset or connect to your GDSN data.

Contacts, Locations, and more

Make sure that prospective and current customers always have the most up-to-date contact and location data available to them.

Connect with retailers

Create relationships with retailers who are interested in learning more about your business or products

Buyers request

Buyers on the platform will initiate connection requests if they're interested in learning more about your products, or want to set you up as a supplier to their organization.

Suppliers accept

Company and product information that you update within your profile also updates all the buying organizations that you've connected with.

Communicate with buyers in real time

Say goodbye to never-ending email threads

Message with buyers

Once you've accepted a connection request from a buyer, you'll be able to use the conversations feature to communicate in real-time.

Action tasks quickly

Without having to leave the conversation, you can respond to requests for information from buyers.

Never miss a thing

If you're offline when a buyer reaches out, email notifications and daily summaries will ensure that you miss nothing while you're away.

Easily respond to requests for information

Eliminate the requirement to complete, send and update retailer forms

Quickly onboard with retailers

If a buyer would like to onboard your organization as a certified supplier, they'll share an onboarding task which you can complete digitally.

Respond to questions from buyers

Buyers can share requests for additional information about your company or products through the platform.

Minimize repeat requests for information

The company and product information that you manage in your profile can automatically populate responses to questions from retailers.

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